We have nine meetings each Term, which runs from September through June (there is no December meeting).

We meet at a variety of Bay Area locations: most often the Peninsula, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Next Meeting: November 20, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Please join us for our third meeting of the 2019-2020 Term of the SF Bay Area IP Inn of Court!


The November meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at MacArthur Park restaurant in Palo Alto.  Our presentation will be: “Show Me the Money: Ethical Considerations in Third-Party Patent Litigation Financing.”  Third-party financing of patent litigation is increasing in use and importance.  But how many litigators and other IP attorneys advising clients know the basic logistics of third-party litigation funding, let alone the ethical considerations involved?  An expert panel will address these issues and answer questions from attendees who want to learn more about this hot topic.  MCLE Ethics credits will be sought for this presentation.


Optionally, each attendee should download on to their iOS and/or Android devices the app available at as the Pupillage Group will experiment with some on-line polling during the meeting so that questions, comments, and even criticisms can be compiled rapidly in addition to getting added information anonymously about the kinds of financing transactions that Inn members have done over the last few years.


The presentation will begin close to our standard 6:00 pm start time.  Dinner will follow the presentation – in the form, please select your entrée.


MacArthur Park

27 University Ave

Palo Alto, CA 94301




Parking is available in a lot close to the restaurant, although it does fill up. For public transit, the restaurant is right across from the Palo Alto Caltrain station.

2019-2020 Term

September 18, 2019: IP: The Year in Review and in Preview
October 2019: Infringer’s Profits in Trademark Cases: Willful Infringement Required? Romag Fasteners v. Fossil
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2018-2019 Term

September 26, 2018: IP: The Year in Review and in Preview
October 2018: IP and the Supreme Court
November 2018: The Supreme Court Return Mail Case:  Can the Government File Petitions to Invalidate Patents in the PTAB?
January 2019: Ninth Circuit Don’t Give A #%@&! Gordon v. Drape Creative (the Honey Badger case)
February 2019: From Practice to the Bench: What I Wish I Knew!
March 2019: Joint Meeting with the Edward J. McFetridge American Inn of Court and the Lawyers’ Club of San Francisco Inn of Court
April 2019: Mediation and Arbitration of IP Disputes
May 2019: PTAB Advocacy and Practice (with Judges Turner, Zado, and Trock)
June 2019: IP Lawma Mia! (our June musical tradition)

2017-2018 Term

September 2017: IP: The Year in Review and in Preview
October 2017: Should I Stay or Should I Go: Anticipating Oil States
November 2017TC Heartland: Aftermath
January 2018: Everyday Ethics in IP Practice
February 2018: The Fate of Sovereign Immunity and the PTAB (To be or not to be, that is the question!)
March 2018: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Attorneys’ Ethical and Legal Obligations (Joint Meeting with the Edward J. McFetridge American Inn of Court and the Lawyers’ Club of San Francisco Inn of Court)
April 2018: PTAB Advocacy and Practice (with Judges Clements, Zado, and Beamer)
May 2018: Does Patent or Copyright Issuance Defeat Trade Secret Protection?
June 2018: Law, American Style! (our June musical tradition)

2016-2017 Term

September 2016: IP: The Year in Review and in Preview
October 2016: Objective Reasonableness – Still at Play for Willfulness?
November 2016Flitter v. Flintstone: employee mobility and the DTSA
January 2017Lee v. Tam: Disparagement under the Lanham Act
February 2017: Football, Video Games, Avatars, the Right of Publicity and the First Amendment
March 2017: Post-Marshall plan? TC Heartland: what’s next.
April 2017: Judicial Panel: District Court Judges Susan Illston and William Orrick and Superior Court Judge Michael Markman, moderated by Judge Zimmerman
May 2017Life Technologies v. Promega trial presentation
June 2017: A Crazy Little Thing Called Law (our June musical tradition)